Richmond Dodgeball League Headshot Policy

In order to improve player safety, RDL has developed a headshot policy designed to discourage high, dangerous throws and identify and rehabilitate players who continually make such throws.


A player who throws a headshot will be issued a penalty point by an RDL exec and penalized in accordance with the current point total. Headshots not observed by RDL execs shall be reported by one of the on-court referees to an RDL exec as soon as possible.

Headshot Criteria

A throw will be deemed a headshot if it meets all of the following criteria:

  1. The ball makes initial contact with an opposing player’s head;
  2. The ball has not previously made contact with another object or player;
  3. The hit player has not substantially lowered their head with actions including, but not limited to, kneeling, crouching, sitting, diving, lying, or ducking.

Penalty Point Mechanics

Every player begins the regular season with 0 penalty points, and cannot have fewer than 0 or more than 3. Penalty points are cumulative across the regular season.

Players with 1 or more penalty points shall have their total reduced by 1 point for each week of regular season play they are not assessed a headshot penalty point. A player does not have to play that week in order to have their total reduced.


1 Point: The thrower will be issued a warning by an RDL exec and asked to keep their throws lower and safer.

2 Points: The thrower will be asked to sit out the next complete game by an RDL exec. If this occurs on the last game of a week of regular season play, the player will be asked to sit out the next game of the following week.

3 Points: The thrower will be asked to sit out the remainder of the games of that week of regular season play as well as the next week’s games of regular season play

If a player reaches 3 penalty points twice in one season, they may be asked to not play for the remainder of the season at the discretion of RDL.


Players assessed penalty points should be offered assistance learning how to throw and play more safely by an RDL exec.

Last edit: September 19th, 2016