Code of Conduct

Spirit is of utmost importance at RDL and unsportsmanlike conduct, spirit breaches, and actions detrimental to the league will not be tolerated. This includes:

  1. Headshots and regular high throws (see new Headshot Policy)
      1. Regular hits above the shoulders (headhunting)
      2. Contested vs Uncontested head shots
    1. Contested headshots do occur, and are considered accidental (to a degree) or reasonable due to the play:
      • The player is kneeling or crouching low;
      • The ball bounces off of something (ball/wall/ground/player) and hits a player in the head;
      • A person is throwing at another player and the recipient walks in front of the throw;
      • The person lowers their head into the ball
    2. Uncontested headshots are unacceptable and unsafe
      • They occur in full standing position or similar (a slight crouch);
      • Are uncalled for;
      • Directly contact the recipient without hitting anything else;
      • May also occur after a thrower has been consistently throwing high (despite being told otherwise by referees)

    ~At any time if a head shot is thrown, the thrower should immediately apologize and ensure that the apology is received by the head shot recipient.

  2. RDL maintains that safety and the enjoyment of the sport are among its top priorities. With that in mind, we have implemented a new Dangerous Play Policy that we hope will discourage high, dangerous or predatory throws.Dangerous Play Policy:

    Dangerous play is defined as any throw made during a game that can potentially be dangerous to the opposing player. Such plays include, but are not limited to, consistently throwing above a player’s shoulder level, targeting the opposing player’s head, and direct head shots while the player is standing upright (accidental or intentional). Players observed conducting themselves in the manner mentioned above will be subject to official warnings, which could lead to suspension or expulsion. If the following occurs in one night during the regular season:

    • 1st dangerous play – verbal warning
    • 2nd dangerous play – player will sit the remainder of the series. For warnings given at the end of a series the player will sit off the following series.
    • 3rd dangerous play – player will not be eligible to play for the remainder of the night. If this infraction occurs in the player’s final game of the night, the player will not be eligible to play the following week. In the event the 3rd dangerous play occurs in the final game of the final week of regular season play, that player will sit out the first series of the playoffs after just one dangerous play during the playoffs. This scenario will be regarded as a player on Probation.


    If it is observed that a player has received their 3rd dangerous play infractions on three separate occasions throughout the season (whether the player plays only one night or multiple nights) that player will face a suspension and possible expulsion from the league.


    During the playoffs, the following dangerous play protocol will be in effect (assuming that the player is not on probation. See Above for Probation stipulation):

    • 1st dangerous play – verbal warning
    • 2nd dangerous play – player will sit the remainder of the series. If the infraction occurs in the final game of the series, the player will sit the entire next series.
    • 3rd dangerous play – the player will be ejected from the playoffs and will not be able to participate further with their team.
  3. Foul language, racial slurs, verbal abuse and slander
  4. Unnecessary roughness and physical abuse
  5. Slamming down or kicking balls in anger when hit
  6. Arguing with referees, execs, participants, or fans
  7. Abuse of the honour system
  8. Excessive or unruly complaining and negativity to other players, referees or league execs
  9. Biased refereeing to favor or disfavor other teams

**-In order to protect league players, RDL reserves the right to give official warnings and suspensions on any of the above violations, and may ask the instigator to leave the court or premise immediately if the violation is severe.
– 3 official warnings, or a single severe violation will lead to a ban from the league for the rest of the season including playoffs.

Player Etiquette

  1. Understand, appreciate and abide by the rules of the game
  2. Respect your opponents and congratulate them in a courteous manner following each match whether in victory or defeat
  3. Respect the integrity and judgment of game referees; side reffing (calling out missed-calls or voicing opinions on a call) is discouraged
  4. Be responsible for your actions and maintain self-control