Season Four

Season Four Playoffs Recap

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Several months and several thousands of games of dodgeball later, Season Four ended in spectacular fashion at playoffs. Across all three tiers there there were stunning victories, shocking defeats, and unbelievable plays – the standard stuff of high-intensity, playoff dodgeball!

While every team played well, reaching levels that only that atmosphere can bring, only one team can win a tier. We are proud to announce the following champions:

Tier One: Grilled Rice Ballz
Tier Two: Sour Catch Kids
Tier Three: That’s Not Right Man…

Of course, dodgeball is not just about winning, it is also about playing the right way, with honesty, integrity, and respect for the game and your opponents, and consistently demonstrating that spirit each week. This season, the most spirited team was Brady’s Beavers!

Lastly, looking good on the court should not be understated, so thanks to Oddball Workshop, RDL is able to recognize the best dressed team, which was Bae, in their personalized jerseys!

You can view all of the tremendous photos on our Facebook page. A big thanks to all of the photographers who volunteered to help capture all of your heroic (and hilarious!) moments! We would also like to thank all of the many other people, players and otherwise, who lent a hand throughout the day with things such as reffing, setting up courts, and cleaning up.

We hope to see you all in Season Five!

Season Four Playoffs: Saturday, April 16 at Richmond Secondary School

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The Season Four playoffs have finally been booked and will be held at Richmond Secondary School on Saturday, April 16 from 12:20 to 5:00 PM. Please ensure your teammates are able to show up and that you can field a full team. If you require substitute players, please email or speak with an exec as all subs require advance approval.

We will also be checking waivers at the door and will not be allowing any players in who have not signed a waiver and played at least four weeks.

Good luck and we’ll see you there!

April 4, 7:00 PM Games Canceled, 8:30 PM Games Moved to The Fridge

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Due to a gym cancellation we unfortunately have had to cancel the 7:00 PM games scheduled for tonight, April 4. These games will be made up at date, time, and gym yet to be determined.

We have also had to move all 8:30 PM games to The Fridge at Fraserview Church. It does not matter which gym you were previously scheduled to play at for 8:30 PM, you are now playing at The Fridge for tonight.

RDL 🍍 Summer League

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Have you heard about the hottest league to hit Richmond this summer? It’s the first season of the RDL 🍍 Summer League. This fast paced hat league will run only 6 weeks long, from April to June, and will be limited to 8 teams only!

Hat league means that everyone signs up as an individual, and then are randomly assigned to a team. Currently all the male spots are sold out, but we are still looking to fill a few female spots.

If you’re interested, go ahead and register below, it’s just $45 (+tax & fees) and you get a free team t-shirt!

Season 4 Weeks Seven and Eight are during Spring Break

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Yes, even though it’s Spring Break, we still have dodgeball for weeks Seven (March 14th, 2016) and Eight (March 21st, 2016) here at RDL.

Please note that they will not be the regular gyms (Blundell and McKay) but rather, it’ll be at 2 different gyms (The Fridge and Spul’u’Kwuks).

You can find the schedules here.

After these two weeks, we will be taking Easter Monday (March 28th, 2016) off!

RDL Presents A Casino Royale

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RDL S4 Pub Night is this Saturday March 12th, and we’re excited to invite you all out for a night of food, drink, and fun! We will also have a photobooth and prize giveaways. To add to the theme, we will be playing card games with you, for which you can win poker chips to redeem for drinks or shots! Did we mention that the games were FREE?

$15 ticket(+tax and fees) gets you admission, burger (beef/chicken/veggie), fries or salad, and a drink of your choice. Smoking hot deal, and as always, we (the execs) will be a little loose with the pouring of alcohol ;)!

Season Four Schedule

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We have now posted the first 2 weeks of the Season Four schedule, which can be found here.

Also, if you have not already done so, please sign your waiver. You must sign this whether you have played with us before or not, in regular seasons or drop-ins. In short, if you are playing this season with us, sign this waiver, or else you will not be allowed to play dodgeball with us!

Season Four Starts January 18!

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With the holidays behind us and a new year ahead of us, it’s time to get back to dodgeball with Season Four! Our opening night is Monday, January 18, which will be held at Blundell Elementary School.

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM will be Dodgeball 101, intended for players new to dodgeball, while 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM will be Vets Night, which is for returning players to meet up and get back into dodgeball with some friendly games.

Please sign up for Dodgeball 101 here or Vets Night here.